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Things you need to know about DropShipping

Things you need to know about DropShipping If you have not heard of the word “Dropshipping” then in the simplest way to explain it is, you buy something for USD5 and sell it fo USD15 or above and make a profit out of it. Like everything in the IM industry, things can be explained in just a ...

The major reason why most online entreprenuer fail

Knowledge and can be learnt with time and dedication. But without the right mindset, the amount of time it takes is much longer. In the past 10 years in my career as online marketer, the one thing that took me a lot of time to realize is the correct mindset to truly be successful in online ...

About me

Hi there, John L. King here. Thank you for being here. My internet marketing journey started in early 2008. Back then I was doing html and JavaScript programming for my company on web development. Stumbling upon I figure the concept of internet marketing and the idea of having a passive income ...

Identifying the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Needs

What is web hosting?  Web hosting is based on the premise that there is a service provider (called the web host) who provides the technologies needed for an organization or individual to post  a website or web page in the internet.  That  act of the web host in allowing the individual or company to ...

SiteGround vs Bluehost in real user perspective

​Bluehost is definitely the largest database in the market. Having almost 0% of the market shares and only sharing the rest of it to many other sources. However, many users wonder are the reasons why Bluehost is winning so many users in the market? Let me tell you the truth. Since my start of ...

Top 10 Reasons to use SiteGround Web Hosting

​There is just too many options in the market. Rather than copying the pros and cons that you can already read in the market. I decided to make a comprehensive review on a actual practical user point of view. Some background before reading this review. I have been working in this field since ...

Affiliate income with CrakRevenue

Hi all, been a while since my last here! I have been working on a new project on affiliate income and guess what, this one can be easily done and the method is definitely workable.   Simply put this is an adult affiliate marketing platform ...

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