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WordPress or Magento to build ECommerce website

This can be a long debate on whether you should use Magento or Wordpress to build ECommerce website. Originally Wordpress is designed for posts and pages, and for blogging purposes. While both of them are riding on open source platform. There's a couple of things to consider when deciding ...

How to compare web hosting sites

This article help you to compare web hosting sites for your business. As we aware, there's a lot to consider and factors to think of. In this article, we will hightlight some of the key points: 1. Compare Web Hosting Sites by Stability I used to compare the pricing first rather ...

How to configure domain pointing to web host server

So you have registered a domain, for best pricing option, I would definitely recommend Namecheap as it should be the cheapest one ( Cheapest pricing should be the only consideration point you have to think of when registering a domain, it's not choosing a web hosting company for speed and ...

A journey of thousands mile begin with a single step

Finally I have created this website after 4 years of my journey in the internet marketing. This will be the first post and will also be a post that keep on reminding myself that everything start with a single step.   The quote is is from a famous Chinese philosopher - Laozi. Which in Chinese ...

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