WordPress or Magento to build ECommerce website

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This can be a long debate on whether you should use Magento or WordPress to build ECommerce website.

Originally WordPress is designed for posts and pages, and for blogging purposes. While both of them are riding on open source platform.

Wordpress to build ECommerce website

magento to build ecommerce website

There’s a couple of things to consider when deciding whether to use WordPress or Magento to build ECommerce website:

Static blocks function

For WordPress users, you might be quite familiar with the concept of widgets. With widgets, you can drag the blocks and items to a specific areas such as sidebar, footer easily.

The concept of Magento static blocks rides on a set of object oriented scripts, number of folders and files name. This may seems very technical. But in laymen terms, it means it can speed up the processing of different product categories and sub product layers. When running an ECommerce website, you should rely more on the speed of accessing the SQL database and the PHP scripts on different products. One single product can have up to many variables such as colours, sizes, different photos on angle etc.

WordPress have the file name mainly the same with a uniqe naming method. As such, you may find the folders are much less in numbers.

There’s also some feedback among the industry on the consumption and loading on the web hosting on ecommerce. While I have tried running some Amazon products and having around 50 to 100 products on Bluehost and Inmotion hosting, the it seems that the performance on Inmotion hosting for ECommerce using WordPress is better interms of the page loading speed.

It attributes from the cache memory and SSD drive compatibility. Even Bluehost itself have SSD support and have the largely used data migrated to SSD for better accessibility.

Does Magento dedicate to build ECommerce website?

It is infamous that Magento dedicate and designed to build ECommerce website, while WordPress itself, as it name says, are for words and blogging. Yet, Woocommerce have infact advanced the whole concept of wordpress and made it to the next level.

Generally speaking, if you have less than 50 products, it doesn’t make a different on whether you are running on Magento or WordPress. However, I recommend you go for wordpress if you do not have a lot of complicated products for an obvious reason – The setting of ECommerce site is much faster in WordPress compared to Magento.

Last but not least, the number of templates is undeniably much more in WordPress compare to Magento and let your website more unique in the internet market.

John L. King.


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