How to compare web hosting sites

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Table of Contents

This article help you to compare web hosting sites for your business. As we aware, there’s a lot to consider and factors to think of. In this article, we will hightlight some of the key points:

compare web hosting site

1. Compare Web Hosting Sites by Stability

I used to compare the pricing first rather than the stability. However, after you have tried a couple of times of server failure. You will realize the importance of server stability of web hosting sites.

If your website is a ecommerce website or a subscription servicing website. The stability of the website is even more important as it’s not just purely a blog.

2. Compare Web Hosting Sites by Pricing

Of course, pricing can be a key concern. In the below table, it summarizes the key factors to consider on pricing. ( some of the information is in fact hidden if you are completely new to this web hosting selection )

Number of add-on domain. The number of add-on domain is critical if you want the maximize your cost. Imagine you have spent around USD65 a year for a web hosting company. And you have more than 6 websites to add-on to the server. Then you would need to register a new one again for this purpose. In all, all the hosting space, number of file transfer, email accounts, number of add-on domains are all unlimited. This gives you a very good deal in hosting multiple websites or have a large website to install.

3. Compare Web Hosting Sites by Customer support

One of the important thing that you need to take into consideration is the level of customer support. Starting a new business espeically in having your own web hosting sites is difficult. You would need to ensure that you have a professional support that is 24/7 hours to assist you.

I have a various of experience with bluehost. When you encounter problem, bluehost live technical support is able to assist you to solve your problem. They can go as technical as helping you to debug, identifying which wordpress plugin has caused the problem and even go as deep as looking at the script to see any of your MySQL server database is corrupted. This is in fact very helpful if you dont want to waste your time surfing the internet to find out the solutions yourself.

4. Compare Web Hosting Sites by User experience

When talking about hosting your own website, having a trouble-free and easy one click installable website is something that you will truly love to ( Also click here to read my post on how to install wordpress manually ).

Bluehost come with cPanel license, for free, life time as long as you have the service plan availble. This allow you to configure your email accounts, stats review, redirection and also a lot more function that you wont want to do the coding with your server. Note also that Blue host also support the configuration of many other famous third party open source platform. Such as Magento, Joomla, Drupal and etc.

Thats it for now, not to make it too lengthily yet hoping it is able to assit you in your internet marketing entreprenuership.

John L. King.

Below please find a list of web hosting sites for your reference:

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