Top 6 Pros and Cons for Bluehost hosting, a top website hosting

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Table of Contents

Many of your have heard of Bluehost hosting and apparently it is a top website hosting company in the web hosting industry.

There’s a lot of advantages in using Bluehost hosting, and at the sametime, I would also like to provide you and honest review on it’s cons as well; afterall, each coin has two sides right?

1. Pricing

Pricing is definitely one of the key issues. It in terms of the unlimited on everything deal, the cost of around USD4 per month, Bluehost is definitely one of the best deal out there.

2. Uptime

It claims to provide 99.99% uptime, however, bare in mind that it also include the calculation stats together with other hosting plans, such as VPS and dedicated hosting

3. Dashboard

If you are a friend of easiness in control of your web backend and are not very familiar with the web hosting configuration, then using Bluehost together with its well designed dashboard will definitely make your life easier.

4. Unlimited on almost everything

Mentioned in point 1, it’s unlimited on everything includes number of websites, sizes, domains, addon websites and etc. This brings a benefit to you if you are going to be or is already an entrepreneur in the internet marketing. You may also use the coupon in Bluehost hosting to minimize your costs

5. Customer support

Being a top website hosting company, they have the largest number of clients together with the number of support staff in web hosting industry. Do expect your live chats or call can be answered quickly.

Now, cons:

1. Speed

If you are running very large content and with high consumption power on CPU usage, because bluehost hosting will limit each web hosting plan to 10% use, otherwise they will auto suspend your account for fairness usage rationale.

2. Migration cost

Bare in mind that if you are using other web hosting and want to migrate to Bluehost hosting, you will have to pay for additional USD99 or more depends on the size of your website and complexity for migration.

3. Server backup

Some claims that Bluehost hosting server speed could be a bit slow especially if you are using some e-commerce websites. As such, you may consider using an advanced plan if you wish to have a higher speed of performance.

4. Pricing

Yes, I know this is contradicting to my pros point, but if you are looking for the cheapest hosting solution or have just started or about to start your internet business or blogging, then you might want to go for hostgator, ehost as they provide a relatively cheaper solution.

5. Cloudflare configuration

Bluehost does not have one click installation with cloudflare, which is the system for you to easily and automatically enable CDN, this is however, available in Inmotion hosting.

Thats pretty much for now, enjoy your internet business and wish you a great success. please click here to know more about bluehost.

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