Top 10 Reasons to use SiteGround Web Hosting

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”” align=”center”][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]​There is just too many options in the market. Rather than copying the pros and cons that you can already read in the market. I decided to make a comprehensive review on a actual practical user point of view.

Some background before reading this review. I have been working in this field since 2009 and during the years of experience. I have almost tired all of the web hosting services. Just like you, maybe, considering the pricing at the very moment and lost in the large field of the web hosting universe. After all, they all seems more or less the same.

It is not easy before come to decide write the review regarding the use of SiteGround. While if not from a practical point of review and perspective. I will not be dare to recommend you to the use of this web hosting services. As mentioned above, I don’t want to write a review that is something similar to what you are reading elsewhere, copying the specification, how much you need to pay and how much storage you are getting. It will be a bit technical and unless you have some hands on experience. You might not be able to fully comprehend of what I am saying here.

Without further a due, here’s the top 10 reasons FYI:

1. One click staging

First thing first, if you have experience to run a website and surely you might want to amend some of the content from time to time. While the changes might require a lot of time and testing. The least thing you want to happen is that you might have some damage or detrimental effect to your current live website. If you are familiar with the use of XAMPP, the software that allow you to amend the content and information in the local drive. You will also have the experience that migrating the information from the local website to the live website can take a lot of time as well.

While one-click staging is a way that allow you to changes the things you have in mind and keeping the live website intact. Once you think everything is ready and good to go. Then you can click on the one-click staging and it will bring the content to the live website without any problem.

This is almost the most important thing in the website. However, while this seems to be an easy and simple yet critical function. It is definitely not provided in all web hosting services.

2. Great support operations ( 24/7 live chat )

This is definitely a very sexy functions. And with common sense, you can image how much time it would require for the web hosting company to have such a service to millions of clients they have with them. It is rather simple and almost all web hosting company can do pre-sales live chat. Yes, you read it right, only pre-sales questions on live chat. For support issue, most of them will only provide technical support via support tickets and no such live chat is available.

Now, it is not something that can be praise and explained through a website blogging text. You can refer to the YouTube video that I made here and revealed the live backend live support for your review. This can give you a comprehensive and live reads on how long do you need to take for such arrangement. You would be surprised that it only take you less than 10 seconds for the live chat to be picked up by a technical agents.

3. Cross different countries data center

SiteGround provide data centre in most of the pacific area. Including UK, US, Netherlands and most amazingly, Singapore. This is definitely something you might look for. While keeping all the information in the China web hosting company such as Alibaba might be frightening to you and not so comfortable on data security issues. Putting information in a US Web hosting company while their data center information is located in Singapore will definitely make you a much better feelings and to explore the Asia market easier in the future.

4. Integrity on their pricing and also storage availability

If you look at SiteGround pricing table here. You can see that unlike most of the web hosting company. They do not provide unlimited storage.

If you think for a second. You can consider that there is no such thing as unlimited in the world. Specially come with storage. Let’s be realistic and in some cases you have storages too many information in their web hosting services. Your website will be prone to much slower than the normal speed.

SiteGround only provide limited size of storage, however, rest assured that unless you are hosting a video heavy website or a super HD photos porn photos there. It will definitely suits your need and more than you actually need.

5. SiteGround caching plugin

There is just so too much cache plugin available in the market. However, SiteGround have developed their own caching plugin in SiteGround and is definitely something that you need if you are planning to run the website in WordPress.

SiteGround own developed Web hosting plugin named SuperCacher and this is something that you can download in the wordpress store for free. Give it a try and you can experience the smooth integration between a web hosting company and the best compatible cache solution.

6. Built in CDN available

Built in with their own system, come with the CDN system that is available and you would not require to have an extra configuration on the CDN such as cloud flare. This will save you a lot of time as the built in CDN, for in full name, content delivery network. This will allow you to integrate all the information and content and mirror them to different location for easy access.

This will save you a lot of web hosting speed time and also resources usage and providing you a smooth and seamless failover solution. No more trouble and stretching your head in configuring the cloud flare settings.

7. Free site transfer from other web hosting

If you are an existing user from other web hosting company and are consider to change the web hosting solution. Then the use of SiteGround and migrate to them will allow you to save a lot of time. SiteGround welcome new comers especially from the other competitors. They provide many website domain migration services for you to transfer to their services.
In my experience, I have more than 5 web domains from their existing web hosting and they are still willing to transfer it for me for free. Just be friendly and I am sure they are willing to do extra miles to attract you to their side. After all, all these web hosting company have their own scripts in configuring and migrating the website for you easily.


8. Familiar with WordPress and technical support

If you are an experience user and also the IT system admin. Or you are a blogger that manages your own web hosting solution. Then you will know that many of the web hosting company do not have wordpress technical support.

Very often you will receive a response from their team that they are not an expert in the WordPress and the technical problem that you are facing have nothing to do with their web hosting company. Then you are left alone to deal with it.

I will not tell you that SiteGround is willing to help you to solve the problem for you. However, in most the scenarios, unless to change some tailor made coding for you ( which is a non-sense requests ), they are much more than happy to help you to fix the problem.

9. Daily background that can be accessed yourself

I have a nightmare experience with InMotionHosting and they have a power failure previously in the US. Which in turn have causes my website to shut down and have disruption on the PhpMyAdmin, MySQL database.

It was a nightmare and they are of course, willing to provide a recover for me. The problem is, I have to wait for them since too many of their clients are facing the same problem and they would request their users to wait. Beg and begged, they have eventually arranged the backup source file for me to arrange the backup. It took me a total of 3 days before things got sorted.

SiteGround, unlike other web hosting company, do have 30 days daily backup file that is accessible by yourself. Let me repeat, you can access the backup files yourself and you can literally restore the backup yourself without any problem. This is very important when it come to a backup failure restore and could have saved your website or business from losing much further other revenues.

10. Upgrade or downgrade your plan without any other business interruption

You can upgrade, of course, since you are paying more money to the. But also you can downgrade your web hosting plan if you think that you do not require so much of the resources that you are currently using. If you worry that your current big website might not be able to fit into the medium grow big plan, then you can go for the higher level of plan and if eventually you figure that you do not require so much resources. You can downgrade your plan anytime you wish.
To conclude, from a technical aspects perspective. SiteGround will definitely gives you a much better user experience. Do read my latest YouTube video coverage regarding 10 reasons to use SiteGround. Click here for the discounted offer available here and start hosting in SiteGround.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”387″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center” onclick=”custom_link” link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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