Top 10 mistakes even gurus will make in dropshipping

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Top 10 mistakes even gurus will make in dropshipping

Interesting it might sound. These 10 mistakes are all that I made myself and wish that I haven’t and could have saved me tons of time in doing dropshipping business.

Let’s no waste your time here, and let get straight to the point. If you are not sure what is dropshipping, you can refer to my other article related to dropshipping in the menu above.



Killing an adsets too early

Whether the adsets is willing or not, cannot be seen in the first 24 hours. In some situation, you cant even know after 48 hours. This happens specially if you have targeted a wide audience at the beginning with WW and in PPE only. In WW and WC (website conversion), it will takes 3 days before FB have sufficient time to consolidate all the information you provided and narrow down to find the target audience to help you success in sales.


Placing 3 adsets instead of 6+

You might find some guru teach you to run adsets at least of 3, in my testing, if you plan to put USD5 in me adset and total of 3 adsets and planning to test two products. I would suggest you to rather test 1 product with 6 adset each and USD5 per adset.


Why? It’s like playing dart, if you want to hit the red spot in the middle, do you think throwing 3 darts is easier or throwing 6 of them is easier? The answer speak for itself.


If you play 3 darts on different dart board and you will most likely end up wasted all the darts ( adsets and money to FB ). And it will cause huge frustration to yourself and you will lose interests in playing dropshipping anymore.



Have not selected the right product

As obvious it might sound, many people underestimate the importance of selecting the right products. If you do not know there is a hidden dropshipping centre tab in AliExpress, then you missing a lot of information. Tons of statistics can be seen and especially the daily sales record by the vendor can be read easily.


Most new joiners started at finding 5000+ plus orders and with good ratings. Then they will consider this is a good product and started it out. Now, this is very risky and honestly I have made the same mistake myself because very often these products are not in the uptrend and what worse is, some scammy vendor have these number of orders by placing orders themselves to ignite the business at the beginning.


You might see now why you have failed to select the right product. Here are some quick tips for selecting the right products


  • Find the right products from your competitor, it will save you a lot of time in testing and trial
  • Add a “+” sign at your competitor lyor google short link and look at their daily clicks
  • Think carefully if this product can be purchased in some local shop. Let’s say, if you are selling some baby products or toys. If this product is very common, which by common sense, they already have a pre-set value of price in their mind.



Your website look very spammy

Website look very spammy and does not give sufficient confident to your clients. Ask yourselves these questions


  • Do you have all the privacy page, contact us, tracking page, dedicated support email before you run your ads?
  • Does your domain look like a brand or something just like a generic store? Please, don’t even think you will go anywhere with a Shopify domain.
  • Do your social media page have any updates or social engagement or just 10 likes and looks like brand new?
  • Have you added the spammy count down timer? Yes! It’s very spammy. It’s like going to a shop in the real world. And once you picked up a product to look at it more in details, the sales tell you, you have to purchase it within 15 minutes, otherwise this product is a goner. See what I am saying?
  • Do you still have a shinny trust badges on your site? Shinny trust badges does work, but only in like 5-6 years ago. More and more customers are tired of these kind of trust badges. If you want to make one, go google image and search for black and white trust badges. And your checkout pages will stand out.
  • Do you sell all kind of products in your site and none of them is correlated? Some big players do success in a super generic store, but guys, these players have a strong email list and social media audiences. To begin with, start with a niche site.



Do your PayPal brand name matches with your shop name?

Many people miss this. Just imagine you go to ABC restaurant and in the bill payment you see something like Mary Group LLC. What do you feel? It’s totally unrelated! Exactly, create a brand new PayPal for this purpose please.



Your web hosting is not fast enough

I cannot stress how important this is. If your dropshipping site is not running on Shopify but on wordpress + WooCommerce. Then make sure you do not run it in some cheap hosting. If you do not have the budget, then just go back to Shopify. The website loading speed is disastrous in many cheap hosting and don’t even think free hosting will work. I personally run all my websites in SiteGround and it’s definitely the best one after trying nearly 10 hosting services.



Your price margin is either too high or too low

This is one of the most difficult question and mistake to handle. Because placing a price of the product is an art. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is to have around 3-4 times of the product cost that allow you to cover the expenses. This is what most guru will tell you. But, remember one thing, competition is very keen is dropshipping. And ask yourself what kind of target audience you are targeting. If it is in the US, then compare what are the normal costs for US citizens to buy these stuff in local store. It could be a different answer if you target Canada.



You have not place the expected shipping timer

The shipping time required for many of the products takes 15 days. If you ever want to trick your client and get them buying and eventually receives a lot of hate. Not only it will make your brand deteriorate and won’t bring you any place far in the long run, but most importantly you will make yourself very tired and frustrated.



You have not split test your ads

Most new players started with one advertisement video, using one advertisement. If luckily, it might work, but even if it works, you should not stop trying changing your video in the first 3 seconds of your video. Believe me, it will make a major differences.



Reading too much and implement too less

This is the last point but the most important point. Many people keep on reading and watching different videos in YouTube and spend too little time on implementation. My advice, stop reading too much and start trying. You only learn and things will move if you try it out yourself.


Fail your way to success, no fear in failing because everyone will and must fail in the beginning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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