Things you need to know about DropShipping

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Table of Contents

Things you need to know about DropShipping

If you have not heard of the word “Dropshipping” then in the simplest way to explain it is, you buy something for USD5 and sell it fo USD15 or above and make a profit out of it. Like everything in the IM industry, things can be explained in just a minute, but to master it, takes months or even years.

I will give you both a basic concept and some advanced concept and strategy in using DropShipping in this article so that it can fit both new players and people who have some knowledge in this field already.

Abbreviation you need to know

* ATC = Add to Cart
* WW = Worldwide
* US = United States
* IC = Initiate Checkout
* Pur = Purchase
* MB = Manual Bid
* CPM = Cost Per Thousand People impression
* ROAS = Return On Ad Spend
* CPP = Cost Per Purchase
* LLA、LAA = Lookalike Audiences
* CBO = Campaign Budget Optimization
* VV – Video view

How to make an e-commerce store

To begin with, Dropshipping marketer, or dropshipper, we usually call them, purchases from only when they have received a sale from their store.

Development of e-commerce store can be a daunting tasks for many people who have little or nil experience in the field. Lucky enough, there is a lot of tools developed for this purposes. Nowadays, you may develop your own e-commerce store in two method without knowing any programming language. They are namely WordPress + WooCommerce & Shopify.

Difference between Shopify and WordPress

Nearly 80%+ of the dropshipper uses Shopify for a couple of reasons. Firstly Shopify have their own server and also domain services. For people who have no knowledge in pointing the domain purchased in namecheap or other domain registrar, it can be a headache. And in IM industry, headache cost time and time is money. So many people choose to use Shopify and purchased the domain name out of it quickly.

But this is not the only reason, the best is because Shopify come with a sets of plugins that is just developed purposely for dropshipping purposes. If you go to you can search by keyword Shopify or in google type in “ + Shopify” you can see a full range of sites that is made of Shopify store.

While a lot of the sites look very similar, but the core advantage of using Shopify is the integration of Oberlo plugins. Oberlo fulfill your orders that your users purchased in your store in one click in 90% automated process. All you need to to is move your finger and click confirm when Oberlo transfer your client name, address, products size, product variants to AliExpress. What even better is that Oberlo give you a clearly tracking service for you to keep track what product have been shipped and what have not.

Full control of your site

Straight to the point, because your site must be hosted in Shopify hosting service and even if you choose to purchase the domain outside of Shopify, you still risk the chances that they block your store without any heads up. But this only happens in very rare situation, e.g. you used a fraudulent credit card, you have not fulfilled your client order after you received the fund.

While using WordPress with the integration of WooCommerce and a range of other plugins, you can reduce this risk because you will never shut down your own wordpress site right? You may also have a full control of your website data and link your site with other tracking analytic tools say for example Google analytics and enjoy much better options of theme in wordpress compare to Shopify.

Monthy versus one time fee

Let’s be honest, cost is a concern when it comes to business. Shopify charges you a monthy fee so as some other plugins. For WordPress and WooCommerce they are completely free except you need to find a hosting company yourself, I have personally tried 6 different hosting company and the best one that I would recommend is SiteGround for sure. If you are interested you can refer to my guide best hosting company for your site.

Back to the point regarding setup fee, the cost for setting up wordpress and Shopify in a one year time frame is very similar adding hosting charges and premium theme cost and some other affiliate cost such as domain fee. In simplest term, if you are a completely newbie in site making, i would definitely recommend you to go for Shopify.

Site security

In terms of site security, Shopify wins. Why? Because all different type of plugins and apps has to be verified by Shopify official to ensure there is no loophole befor you can purchase or install. You can consider this is the usage of Apple products or IOS, but you have less control and variables control in the website. Such as you cannot installed two whatsapp in IOS but you can do so using wordpress ( just a metaphor ).

WordPress is a complete open source platform, that mean using wordpress will let you have a complete control of it even as detail as a button colour, width and etc. But freedom in customisation also means complication.

WordPress plugins is made by all different parties and can be less stable and secure because there might be some loophole if the plugin owner have not update the plugins for a while. Furthermore, there is a bunch of external plugins that is not verified by any big vendor in the e-commerce world and might easily implant hacking tools inside. If you want to purchase more reliable plugins, i always go to themeforest or envato ( they are the same website, just different name ) as vendor there are verified and plugins are checked by experience programmer by Envato team.

Theme and plugins recommended for wordpress + WooCommerce

I have tried a full range of plugins in the market and the best I can recommend you is AliDropship Woo plus WooCommerce, for theme, I always go for Rehub theme as its the fastest and most customisable theme for e-commerce and blogging. As a matter of fact, MySideIncome is also running on Rehub. The best thing is, once you familiar with this theme settings, it can save you a lot of time in multi site settings. Look at their comment section and almost all questions that you can think of has been answered by the author before.

Email tracking method

The major differences between a newbie and a veteran in dropshipping differ in the ability to follow up their sales process with client. This has been stressed many times by many gurus for which I concur completely. The email marketing provider that I use and recommend are GetResponse, almost there is a lot of different option such as Aweber, Mailchimp. But the most affiliate friendly is GetResponse. They even have 30 days free trial service and no credit card required. Go and create an account with them and try our their service.

By email tracking method, i refer to 2 stages. One is pre-sale stage and one is post-sale stage. Very often you put a newsletter button at the bottom of your site at widget or footer area and praying and hoping your user will fill in their email address. This is was I do at the beginning and the conversion rate is extremely low. Let’s face it, you won’t fill in your email address yourself if you go to some other website right?

So, many people uses plugins such as ConvertPlug or email pop up tools to encourage user to fill in their newsletter. The conversion rate increases to around 21% in my experience compared to footer newsletter box. But still its terribly bad.

After all the trial and error, I would strongly recommend you to make a USD10 or USD15 discount coupon and send the coupon to your user if they register their email. The best part about this is, in my testing, you may end up getting two emails from one single client, and why this is good? Because the first email they submit is a seldom use email and the second one is very likely the primary email address. ( I guess by now you also have two emails address for different purposes? )

The email option rate surges to double compare with annoying pop up. And it is a psychology thing, your clients might think that they get something extra from you because they get another “coupon” as they filled second email to get second discount code. Needless to say, you just have to mark a higher margin in your products in arbitrage.

Pre-sale tracking

Very often people forgot about this – The abandoned cart. In my testing, my sales increases around 19% after the installation of abandoned cart plugin. This is very useful because people who have filled in all the details in your shopping cart are someone that is extremely interested in buying your products. Sending them an email after 1-2 days will increases the conversion significantly.

Driving traffics to your e-commerce site

After you have installed all the plugins and set up your e-commerce store. The critical idea is how to drive traffics.

While you may refer to my free traffic method in this site, but when it comes to DropShipping industry, i strongly recommend you to go for paid traffics. Why? Because you can gather a lot of useful information via social media platform and they are extremely valuable. I ran all my campaign in Facebook ads, it shows you all critical information that you can scale.

This post is differently not enough to explains the benefit of using paid traffics and especially in Facebook. But to save your time, and if you already have experiences, this are the two most useful and workable solutions that i spend thousands of dollars falling before I realise.

Firstly, Using WW + PPE + wide range of age + audience size no less than 100k. Then follow by Tier 1 countries + WC and kill adsets that doesnt work ( You must have at least 5 adsets anytime ). Each adsets are in different interest. Never, ever you make one adsets with 10 interests. I guarantee you even after you earns money out of it, you dont know what is converting and working.

I will write a detail guide related to facebook ads in different post and for users already have some experience, you should know the abbreviation. Even if you do not, dont worry, start your Shopify shop building first and you can learn more about the facebook ads later. One step at a time.

This post has been long enough but I just want you to have a big picture of what is Dropshipping, and how to start everything. In simplest term, use Shopify to begin if you have zero knowledge in e-commerce store making or go with wordpress if you already know what wordpress is.

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