The major reason why most online entreprenuer fail

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Knowledge and can be learnt with time and dedication. But without the right mindset, the amount of time it takes is much longer. In the past 10 years in my career as online marketer, the one thing that took me a lot of time to realize is the correct mindset to truly be successful in online marketing. And to be very honest, this mindset is critical not only for online marketing but for everything in life to be successful.

That is to take action. Very often it times, especially in online marketing, there is a lot of courses, a lot of videos to read, a lot of blog content to study. At the end of the day, I realise people, including myself, bought tons of courses and content and people are not buying knowledge but are buying hope. It’s like paying for tuition fee and not really spend time to study the materials. If you let all the courses and YouTube video plays till the end, you already forgot the steps at the beginning and nothing was learnt and you will never master the skillset.

I read a book related to procrastination. Psychologically the major reason why people procrastinate is not because they are lazy or time management issue. None of this is the real issue. The real issue is, people think that if they have not start to do what they dreamt of, they will never fails it, and they will have a chance and hope to be successful in the future. People with this mindset will think that they will be successful one day if they have started their blog, if they have started dropshipping. If they have kick started their clickfunnels, their leadpages, their website and etc. They are so afraid to start because they dont want to fail it if they begin and are so fear to face the obstacles.

So stop making excuses for yourself. My practical advice? Dont wait until all the content from the courses or video tutorial you read to finish and start. Start immediately with a split screen or ideally with two screen at your home and start doing. Don’t be afraid to fail, you are expected to fail at your first site making. You are expected to fail at your first advertisement placement. You are expected to fail at your first dropshipping store. None of that matters. What matter is whether you keep going and keep trying. If you believe what you are doing is correct, then ultimately you will hit the life goal that you wish and there is no reason why you should stop trying.

I remember I started my IM journey in CPA offers, lose some money, got disappointed and went on to try affiliate marketing. It didnt gain much success and I see many people earns a lot in dropshipping and I went into it. Eventually amazon affiliate got my first USD1000 bank cheque and this is where i gain my confident. Looking back, it doesnt matter what method you try and what path you take. There is a lot of people earning a tons in dropshipping, there is successful entreprenuer in affiliate marketing. Some are funnel hacker expert. It does not matter. The truth is, knowledge and skills only learnt if you start trying. Immediately register an account, place the ads, try the funnels, try the CPA networks, try whatever it takes. Fail fast and move on. But never dream and live in your dream with a long chunk of to-do list in your bucket.

I hope this article can stimulate and encourage you a bit and give your some drive and may success be with you.

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