SiteBuilder hosting pros and cons

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SiteBuilder hosting

SiteBuilder hosting

When choosing web hosting solution, each of them have their pros and cons. Although sitebuilder hosting is not very famous, you often miss out its unique advantages.

There’s a various advantages of using sitebuilder, for example, it has a free domain name for life time for you. On the other hand, it provide $300 free advertising credits for subscriber of the sitebuilder to promote their website.
There are literally no skills set required while using sitebuilder. Everything can be done via one click installation.
One of  it’s unique natures was to offer over 10,000 free amazing templates and tons of add-ons to their user.
However, please note that, their customer service is terrible. It takes at least 3 days for them to get back to your queries. The main reason is they do not have the sufficient time and resources to cater the current customers size.
If you happen to be not a guru in configuring everything yourself, then I would not advise you to create your website using SiteBuilder.
It has a various packages and plan, namely the personal, pro and premium. Whats more is that it has a eCommerce plan that have dedicated resources on PhpAdmin, you may get 20% off discount by clicking the link here : Sitebuilder
You can use PayPal for payment if you do not want to pay via credit card or disclose your credit card information. This feature is not available in BlueHost. And you  have to request via customer hotline in InMotion hosting.

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