How to install wordpress in cPanel manually and one-click install

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Table of Contents

WordPress has already domainted the web market with the most numbers of plugins available for the installation of website in the world.

In this article, we will cover how to install wordpress in cPanel both manually and via one-click install.

You may wonder, there’s many promotion via the web hosting company that using the one-click install can allow users to configure all the wordpress easily in your website. Why do we even need to know how to manually install wordpress? I have created at least 30 websites for myself and even more for my clients, all of them is created via manually instead of one-click with built-in script with the help of web hosting company. I will tell you why.

1. Better configuration of the MySQL database and user name

While one-click install can allow you configure all these information easily, however it is always better to have your own MySQL database and user name instead of the randomly generated name.

2. Latest wordpress version

Many of the web hosting company does not come with the latest version of the wordpress ( as it update continuously ), and by downloading the newest version via ; you may ensure you have the latest version installed in it.

3. To upload theme into the website

Later on, when you have installed the wordpress website, you may wish to have a premium theme enabled, and sometimes if the premium theme is just too large, your web hosting company cache memory may not allow you to click appearance -> theme to install it via upload, but would require you to install it using ftp upload.

Enough said, let’s begin:

If you haven’t got a web hosting plan with you yet, I would recommend you to consider BlueHost or Inmotionhosting as they are two web hosting company that I personally have tried  and is still using them considering their price, stability and service level.

Click cPanel and upload the downloaded wordpress zip to the ftp folder ( which would be normally your domain name e.g. for this site, it would be ). Here’s where many people mix up and encounter problem, by loading the wordpress zip file, extracting it, it will create another folder named “wordpress” in your domain name folder, as such, you would have to highlight all of the files and have them moved one level up, which is inside the domain name folder, that was because when you type: later, the file would be accessed there instread of

Now, go to MySQL database and create a database and remember the password; then create a MySQL user.


Now you would need to link the MySQL database and MySQL user together, enable all privileges by clicking select all.

Basically, thats it, now you may type and beging the installation. It should be done within 3 minutes if everything goes well correctly.

John L. King.


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