How to configure domain pointing to web host server

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So you have registered a domain, for best pricing option, I would definitely recommend Namecheap as it should be the cheapest one ( Cheapest pricing should be the only consideration point you have to think of when registering a domain, it’s not choosing a web hosting company for speed and stability issue. )

At below, I will use namecheap dump screen for the example setting. However, if you have registered your domain elsewhere, the configuration should be more or less the same. Let’s begin.

Conceptually, a domain is just like your door address, people locate to you via your domain address so that they know where to find you. The web server, however, is the household space. So what we need to do now is to point the domain name to your household space ( your web server ) so that your visitors know where to find you.

On the top left corner, mouse hover to your profile and click dashboard, this will open your domain list:

namecheap domain configuration

After you have connected clicked managed, input the nameservers to your domain registration company. You can locate this information by searching the web hosting company and search for name server, for example for BlueHost  the name server would be:

By redirecting the nameserver, you have successfully tell your website audience that they should go to this “Space” to locate your website content. Nameservers also includes the redirection of all the MX record ( mailing server ), which is the easier way to configure your website.

Note: For some of the web hosting company, it might not be exactly ns1 or ns2. E.g. For Inmotionhosting, their nameserver is:

Normall it will take up to 48 hours for the propagation, which means for globally the website to acknowledge that this domain address should be pointing to this server for the access of the web content. Howeever if you are located in areas such as the US, UK or some other areas have better linkage with the internet propagration areas, the changes should be effective immediately.

Once you have managed the domain registration company configuration. There’s one step, have you imagine what would happen if you register a domain company and troll around and pointing it to someone else “Space”? Yup, this would not work because the hosting company such as bluehost and inmotionhosting etc should also recognize the pointing of these web domain name to their hosting company, e.g. allowing them to access the web content if the visitors is routed from these domain name to the web content.

If you register your web hosting company via Bluehost or other web hosting company that comes with cPanel access, then you can click “Add on” domain. Some shared hosting plan  alllow you to add up to 10 or 5 ( normally ) domains, which means you can have 10 or 5 websites while using only one share hosting plan ( very economically worthly right ? ), by the trade off would be the speed of the website as the resources is shared among with your hosting plan.

At below:


Configure your cPanel wi th ftp access just as creating a segregated space for the access of the web domain.

So thats it! You may now upload your web content to the ftp you just created in cPanel.

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John L. King.

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