Getresponse vs Mailchimp vs Aweber – The ultimate email marketing software

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If you are a blogger, email marketer or online web entreprenuer. Then the subject tools will definitely not new to you. They are famous email marketing software in the market for their experience, well developed reputation and also their usability to send out mass email to receipient.

Why using email marketing software?

You may wonder, why not just send out email using your own email box, gmail, yahoo mail or using your VPS hosting or shared hosting can send out mass emails. You are partially correct, however, for majority of the shared hosting, since they need to protect their IPs address, which is shared with others, they limit one domain name to send out a maximum number of 1000 recipient to their users and they are not allowed to send or receive more than that. For some web hosting company, such as Bluehost, the limitation applies to a monthly standard as well, which you might experience emails interruption if you send out too many emails per day.

Inmotion Hosting can be a little bit better, however, since they have many other clients and to protect their other customer usage right. The number of emails that you can send is in fact limited as well.

For VPS users, even though you have your own web hosting server, the number of emails is in fact no restriction. However, if you send out mass email too much, you might hurt your own IP address and causes problem in your SEO ranking as well.

Therefore, the best way to handle is actually leverage the email marketing software, which will allow gives you a more detailed breakdown on the statistic of the number of successful email sent out to your client.

Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp are all major players in the market. In this review, I am going to evaluate their differences and each of the benefits for your consideration.

1. Usability

Mailchimp free account can handle for email accounts lower than 2000 number and allow you to enjoy 30 days of free usage. However, for Aweber, you will need to input your credit card information if you wish to have the free trial enabled. The best thing about free trial with GetResponse and MailChimp is that you do not need to pay for extra money for this purposes.

2. Opt-in form

When you use Aweber and GetResponse, you can have any of your emails user to use in your option form without any limitation, however, for MailChimp, you would only be able to use the user in one of the opt-in form and cannot have it replicated usage in other option campaign.

3. Easy to use graphic user interface

Aweber is the easiest to user in the market among the rest of the email marketing software. It’s experience in the email marketing as a tools for their user will allow you to create template and auto responder easily in no time.

4. Templates attraction

When sending out email to your user, the attractiveness of the email is also very important. I have tried all of them and I would have to say Aweber provides the most beautiful user template compare to MailChimp and GetResponse.

5. A/B split test

Continued testing on the email tempaltes is very important. You need to have a lot of patience , yet using a good A/B test spliter can allow you to check which of the email marketing software cann allow you to test which one is easier to use and have a higher conversion rate.

6. Autoresponder capabilities

GetResponse auto responding capabilities is the best in terms of the by action functionalities. Such as setting the auto responder in open email or click on the link of an email.

7. Flowcharts in email marketing

If you use GetResponse, you can enjoy a good email automatin setting method. This can be done much easier because with the usage of the autoresponder flowchart setting. You can enjoy the flowcharts and set your audience in a much more easier way.

8. Mobile friendliness

All of the tools is mobile responsive and can be hanlded easily. As 73% of the emails is opened in mobile phone, this can be rest assured that it can be mobile responsive easily.

9. Webinar function

This is one of the most important point, if you use GetResponse, you can have the webinar function much easily. Currently, webinar is the best tools for you to convert your clients into sales. GetResponse can let you access the webinar and host a seminar in a much easier way than others.

10. Phone support function

Although Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp have email support. However, only GetResponse provides a phone support function if you have any questions in mind.

To conclude,

If you want to have a easy to use GUI, easy setting of flowcharts, then I would recommend you to go with GetResponse. However, if you are simply looking for pricing, then MailChimp can be the best option for your.

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