Fatcow hosting review | 3.7/5

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Table of Contents

Overview Hosting Review

In this FatCow hosting review, I will share it’s pros and cons.  I made below a comparison summary with other web hosting companies.. FatCow hosting, a web hosting company with an interesting name, was founded in 1998. It is a medium sized web hosting company and has a long history in the market. Unfortunately, vintage years of ages do not imply its quality.


Reviewing my experience in FatCow, my impression was quite good. They have a good customer support. Their staff is able to answer the questions and provide solutions quickly as they are familiar with their own companies.


In FatCow, it has a very low pricing to attract you to join their hosting plan. Anyway, you would be charged a 200% price of the initial cost after one year. The cost becomes around USD9 per month. If you are looking for a hosting solution comparable to the speed and resources of InMotion Hosting. You should use FatCow hosting for the first year if you do not want to pay USD8 a month upfront. This could actually save you some cost.

Like most  web hosting companies, you can gain free coupons and credits by buying their web hosting solutions or plans. Some FatCow hosting review said that you can get up to USD50 in social networking credits. Please take note the fact is these coupons are only limited to some social media which is not very famous or you haven’t even heard of.

VPS Hosting plan

If you want to upgrade your website to next level and to get more resource on your websites, you may migrate within FatCow using VPS hosting plan. You will not have this problem using eHost or Hostgator. For details you can refer to the graph below:

FatCow hosting review

Resources Customization

One of the best thing about using FatCow hosting is that you can customize the resources you need on your website. You can navigate the above bar easily and configure what kind of RAM, cores and even storages you are looking for. Running on Magento may require more resources on the CPU as you need to cater the strong usage on the SQL and database resources.

Special note for portfolio website, you might need to spend more money on the storage side.

This truly gives you a larger flexibility on the cloud Flexibility and increases your website controlling speed and uptime.

FatCow hosting review free domain

To mention the major advantages of using FatCow is that they have a high up time speed. The up time speed of a website is critical. If potential customers found out that the website is not working, they will never go to your website again.The important consideration here is new audience might not go to your website twice.

FatCow have time to time monthly and weekly promotion on different plans, you might click on the below link or this link, Fatcow.com to know more about it.

Please comment below on this FatCow hosting review and share your opinion about it as well!

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