eHost review major advantages and disvantages

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Table of Contents

Actual user eHost review


In this eHost review post, we will evaluate the pros and cons of using eHost. is one of the famous web hosting companies which is located in Houston Taxas. According to their website, has over one million of websites using their platform.

The greatest advantage of using eHost is that they provides a very low cost web hosting solution and the website, with cPanel, based on shared hosting.
eHost offers free domain name to their client. One of  another the easiest things that you can find in eHost is their easy drag and drop function and features. This function can allow you to build the website nicely and quickly with easy website creation.
With the pricing starting at USD2.75/month, you can have a value of up to USD300 worth of marketing tools to boast your website traffic and a 45 days of refund to withdraw your purchase anytime.
eHost is in fact a sister brand of Hostgator. They have been in the market for almost 20 years. But they are not very popular. Recently, they have repackaged their company and they have a new website layout and hosting graphic user interface ( GUI ).
ehost review advantages and disadvantages

Resources usage and GUI

The usage on vDeck is getting lower and lower and the usage of cPanel is getting higher. They have decided to migrate their services from vDeck to cPanel with a complete brand new of configuration. ( Note, for user that doesn’t like cPanel, you may consider using iPage, which run on their own unique GUI ).
The major advantages with eHost is their simplicity. They try to make things as simple as possible to minimize the your handling time required. And you could focus on your business.
Having said that, they have over 1000 pre-designed templates and the website builder tools are very easy to handle. This helps users to create a website quickly. This can reduce the amount of time you need for any programming skills and languages for handling.

ehost review

Advantages and Disadvantages of using

This eHost review illustrates you the advantages and disadvantages of using below:


eHost review advantages
1. They have a very affordable hosting plan. With the current 50% discount they are offering to their client, eHost you can enjoy a pricing of USD2.75 per month only with this link .
This will include all the functions and basic need you required to start your website in no time.
2. cPanel web hosting. Not sure if you are a fan of cPanel. The function and layout difference of cPanel with the other GUIs are not my major consideration to opt for cPanel. The major reason is cPanel has a much larger market usage. This means that if you have any questions or problem, you are able to seek for solution much easier compared with other GUI.
3. 45 Days refund.
Most of the companies provide refund policy. For Bluehost, they only provide 30 days refund. But for eHost, the refund period is 45 days. Sometimes you might need more time for your website to be developed and to have the loading speed being tested . Taking refund period as a major consideration, InMotion Hosting with 90 days can be a unique advantage.


eHost review disadvantages
1. In the future, if your websites grow to a bigger size, you cannot upgrade it to a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting. Considering eHost only provides shared hosting, in the future, you would need to go for other web hosting plans for more resources and power.
2. The server up time could be a problem for eHost. Thanks for it’s cheap pricing, the number of websites they have in their server can be overwhelming sometime. This is the reason that you might experience some spark of slow website loading speed and latency.
Please note that this will only create problem to those websites running eCommerce websites that required a lot of resources and CPU power
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