Effective email marketing with Getresponse or Aweber?

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One of the most important things you need in your online business/blog is to use effective email marketing. The reasons is obvious. It helps create continuous connection with your potential, existing and interested clients.

Effective email marketing with Getresponse or Aweber?

Effective email marketing with Getresponse or Aweber

The best to do effective email marketing, is definitely via from time to time communication with your readers.

While choosing the software in the market, the most famous two is GetResponse and Aweber. While both of them offer the

Starting Price

While pricing can be one of the concern, the starting price for both of the software company are in fact very similar with GetResponse starting at USD15/month and Aweber starting at USD19/month.

However, while both of them is at around 500 members name, in reality, the number of subscriber can go up to thousands easily if your business growth ( you wont continue you pay if your list doesn’t grow further ).

As price update from time to time, I would recommend you to check the most updated pricing here, GetResponse & Aweber.

Free trial

Both parties provide free trial of 30 days for users to have a look and feel. However, as a gentle reminder, all of these effective email marketing company would like to increase their user stickiness and to make sure you continue to stay with them with recurring income. As such,  I would recommend you to continuously export the user list when the free trial is almost to expire if you decided to change to another company from these two for experiment.

Action based Auto responder

GetResponse provides a much better action based auto responder for you to provide a quick response to your clients and new emails. This allow you to provide quick response to your client resulting in effective email marketing. This is of critical importance if you started off as a single internet entrepreneur and do not have the time to entertain many of your customers immediate reply. The auto responder give a much better impression to your customer and buy you some time for a proper reply. Action based auto repsonder is only available in GetResponse.

Shopping cart integration

Some readers would like to have shopping cart integration. Whenever clients input their email address in your WooCommerce shopping cart or shopify shopping cart, you will hope that it would integrate smoothly and add to the list of your email marketing list automatically. However that is not possible as of this moment and you would need to have the emails added at the beginning of the user creation. Yet, you can uses API to have the client list migrated to different tiers.

Importing data

GetResponse allows auto import of email list and datas. Importing data via GetResponse and Aweber is in fact both possible. However, in Aweber, you would need them to reconfirm the subscription to the email lists. In GetReponse, you can import the user email to it without sending one extra email to your recipient. This could be time wasting and as some of your recipients might have the email dropped to the spam folder.


GetResponse have a much more detailed reporting software compared to Aweber. Personally speaking, though both of them offer all the stats the same. However, GetResponse dashboard is more clear than Aweber

Built in surveys

GetResponse surveys comes with a lot of templates while Aweber is customized. GetResponse will allow you to have the surveys done more quickly. But if you are looking for a more freely customizable surveys to fit your needs. Aweber can be a better option for you.

Stock images

Free stock images are provided by both parties, GetResponse images provides more varieties compared to Aweber.

WordPress integration

Both software have it’s own wordpress plugin for users to integrate with their own system. For Aweber, it has the widget which allows you to integrate with your wordpress footer, sidebar easier. If you are familiar with widgets, you should install Black TINY MCE to iron out this problem. The widget areas will reappear for GetResponse.


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