Choosing ConvertKit or MailChimp? Constant contact competitors review

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ConvertKit or MailChimp constant contact competitors

ConvertKit or MailChimp constant contact competitors

ConvertKit or MailChimp? A constant contact competitors review.

If you are reading this constant contact competitors review, you may already aware the importance and benefit of using email marketing software in developing your websites or blogs.

In online email marketing, it is only beneficial if you have your own list in a long run. And you are able to use them and monetize them. As your email list grows, using an email marketing software will allow you to grow them larger in size and to distribute them more smoothly.

While comparing ConverKit and Mailchimp, here’s some points that you might be interested to know about these constant contact competitors.

1. One email address one subscriber:

The thing that I like about convertkit is that they count one email address as one subscriber. Which mean no matter how many lists you have created, such as categorizing them into different users. Converkit will not count them as double or three subscriber instead. They will even assign a tag or group when counting them in the usage of resources of your plan. Sounds good right?

2. There’s a very nice guiding process when you want to create email automations. This will allow you to create a customized email template to your audiences. And your client will receive an email list that is unique to your users.

3. For non programming users, ConvertKit seamless and easy to use functionalities will allow you to compose email like using a visual composer ( An infamous wordpress plugin ). This will let you edit your website much easier in term.

4. Convertkit even have a customizable linkage with wordpress and for some theme, such as The7. It will comes with a premium resources when you want them to be linked with ConverKit.

Like I always said, every coin has two side, ConvertKit has it’s disadvantages as well, firstly, there’s no free plan, for any users that only have small number of subscriber or users, then using convertkit will not allow you to have free usage.

5. Email templates are not as nice as others

Though it have a very high customize abilities, however, it doesn’t let you create very nice and customized templates, therefore if you want to have it kicked off easily and smoothly, then using ConvertKit will not albe to let you make the templates very quickly but require some time to make it yourself.

6. Feedback information for unsubscriber

For users that unsubscriber your list, you are not able to get a feedback report on the reason why your user unsubscribe you. This can be a problem especially you have a large list and you have no diea what you have done wrong.

In all, I would still think Convertkit, compared with other constant contact competitors, is a good choice for users who want to start email marketing busienss and wish to send emails and updates to your subscriber.

All the best, happy blogging.

John L. King.

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