Bluehost hosting vs Justhost hosting – The same or different?

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If you are in the hosting market, then you should have heard BlueHost hosting. If you dig deep enough, then you would have definitely heard about JustHost as well. The major differences between the two, is that they are actually owned by the same company owner. JustHost is just another brand of entities owned by BlueHost hosting and they share the same directories.

BlueHost hosting cost is USD3.49/mo and JustHost is USD2.5/mo. The price does look a difference with 39.6% differ. However, the functions and capabilities have much differences as well.

Firstly, the BlueHost hosting uses physical fiber line while JustHost using their own cable and their data center. The speed is more or less the same as they uses the same web hosting vendor storage supplier.

However, for BlueHost hosting, the resources allocation for client that have much need on text and pictures can serve up to 320ms while JustHost is around 60ms ( shared hosting ).

Technical Support:

Both of the firm provides technical support with the same amount of hours per day with 24/7/365 support, therefore if you encounter any problem, you can still able to get the premium support anytime.

Major similarity:

The major similarity between their service is that they have unlimited amount of resources allocate to their client.

While both of them uses Dell servers, Bluehost hosting do invest much more compared to JustHost. Their market categorization and segment is totally different. In short, they aim to acquire the client who are looking for a more long term web business and do require more resources with higher amount of expected traffic.

In deep, both of them do provide cPanel, full refund on 30 days, money back period anytime with simple online registration form and no questions asked procedure.

Major difference:

Bluehost has a longer period of time in the market since 1996 form Utah and JustHost started since 2000 as dedicated servers. The number of users from Justhost is definitely smaller compared to BlueHost, however, this also gives a better client support to their client for JustHost compared to BlueHost.

For more details about the both:

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In all, both web hosting compare is definitely a good choice if you are looking for shared hosting in the web hosting market. BlueHost can gives you a little bit more resources with the trade off of spending a bit more. While JustHost is relatively cheaper, however they do provides more premium support as their client size is smaller.

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