Affiliate income with CrakRevenue

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Hi all, been a while since my last here! I have been working on a new project on affiliate income and guess what, this one can be easily done and the method is definitely workable.


Simply put this is an adult affiliate marketing platform where there’s thousands of offer that you can promote, including cam, sex videos and etc. The best part is that CrakRevenue has been in the market for many years and their have a reputable name in the Internet Marketing (IM) field.

They even have an account in BHW where they provide guidance and support to their members.

Check it below:


And yes they offer two tiers of affiliate marketing and with recurring income. I personally prefer selling the recurring products rather than the DOI SOI which stands for double opt in and single opt in. Though its much hard to do so but it only take one time to make it all happen.


Below is a screen shot of my earning so far cUSD17 in few months, yah not much but at least it’s a start and not bad for one month effort.


Happy blogging!


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