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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi there, John L. King here. Thank you for being here. My internet marketing journey started in early 2008. Back then I was doing html and JavaScript programming for my company on web development. Stumbling upon I figure the concept of internet marketing and the idea of having a passive income online.

So apart from my day job, I spend time after works and at the weekend to explore the possibility to earn some side income online. Whilst being an online entrepreneur and working full time on your day job is not easy, I decided to start to record strategies that I tried, method that works and don’t mainly to make here a base for me to start everything. The goal is simple, to leave the cubic jail. Not that working full time on something that you don’t really enjoy for someone else is a waste of time in my view, but the lack of control of your income and the sense of no security pushes me everyday to work harder to make a sustainable side income. It’s very risky if your job, salary increment percentage and bonuses os controlled by 1 or 2 person at the office.

Great determination and leap of faith is needed and this all arrives when my son born and holding him on my arms, I sincerely want to stay at home with him everyday and watch him grow, take him to and off school. Accompany him to the park during weekdays and finally have a full control of my life. Earning six figures a month online is not easy and for anyone that tells you it can be achieved in a day, a week or even months is just a pure scam.

I have tried nearly all the method you can think of, can be googled with. Such as doing surveys online, hiring freelancers to post affiliates link, CPA offers, paid traffics, WordPress automation tools to generate auto posting in social media, usage of ScrapeBox to crawl emails and spam users with affiliate links, Clickfunnels, ClickBank, JVZoo, built my own products, became a vendor at ClickBank, dropshipping and so on..

I paid thousands and thousands to gurus online and bought courses and courses that make me who I am today. Yes, I have been ripped off from some gurus but there are really some nice guy in the internet that willing to help you simply because they have been the same situation like you when struggling to make money online. One of the most viewed and active forum that I still participate is BlackHatWorld and of-course I am a JrVIP member in there just as a token of appreciation of the network and knowledge I gain and learnt there.

Like I said, like many of you, my IM journey started as a side income project and today it allow me to free from cubic jail. Unlike many other blogs, YouTuber you can find in many places, I do not post my pictures nor do I post my wife, kids on the internet just because I have nothing to sell you here. No courses, no one to one consultation nor any ebooks for you to buy. As such, there is no need for me to bring out my family photos to let you have more confident before buying courses from me. And most importantly, every time my wife friends, and friends of my own asks me what I do for living, I simply reply them I invest in stocks. Not because I don’t want to share the method and secrets of money making method to them, but because I am too lazy to explain all these tactics, methods to them. As you may already aware, the knowledge and skills is so huge that you will probably end up spending all your time explaining to something that they do not understand, and even if they did, most of them wont have the grit and time to follow through. But yeah, I do let some of my closest friends know the existence of this blog of mine.

So simply, this blog is set up as a strategy sharing and to let you know what are the method, errors and mistakes that I did before and wish you haven’t. Yet, some of links you see here are affiliate links and I do earn a few bucks out of it if you decided to use these links. You will not pay anything extra and it will support me to write more valuable content in this blog.

Last but not least, like any real business in the world, being an online entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work, determination, sacrifices of party time, most importantly, investment of time and money on it.

There is tons of way to make money online, but I can say nearly 98% of people fails. My only advice is, find the true reason why you want be success in online marketing because during times you will face a lot of distraction, obstacles, downtime and challenges. Always remember the reason why you have started and trust me , this will bring you to the ultimate success.

P.S. I have been receiving a lot of emails and people sending their websites, business to me for advice, my apologise in advance, that I may or may not reply them, not only because I do not want to help you, but I believe most of obstacles you face can be overcome by not just yourself, but you will power. Though, if your questions is meaningful, I will share it in my posts to all my audiences. Above all, I wish you a great success in your IM journey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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