A journey of thousands mile begin with a single step

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Finally I have created this website after 4 years of my journey in the internet marketing. This will be the first post and will also be a post that keep on reminding myself that everything start with a single step.


The quote is is from a famous Chinese philosopher – Laozi. Which in Chinese originally as:  千里之行,始於足下. Basically means what it says in this post title.

In short, about myself, a guy who followed what most of the family parents or the society would have taught you to do so – Study hard, get good grades, get into a good high school; then get good grades, get into a good university ( yes know you it, get good grades ), and find a decent job. Pretty much I have done all these successfully ( kinda ), got a professional job in financial analysis as consultant. Getting my pay cheque every month. The advice aren’t lies, it works, it support my life and my family and etc.

So what next? Working from 9 to 6, driving up all my time and energy, get bathed, dinner and head to sleep. Until one day, I figure some of the internet markets are able to travel all over the world and live their dream life while working only 2 hours a day ( or less ). The word side income hit my nerve and until now, still the driving force for me to switch on the computer everyday after work and spend my weekend times to dig into technical stuff ( e.g. web development, wordpress skills, automation and etc. ).

My blog will basically focus on sharing how to get started on internet marketing step by step, and more importantly, a record for myself on the continuing progress and knowledge stacking.

This is pretty much, hope you enjoy. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I am more than happy to share and to meet some new friends all around the world.

John L. King.

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