7 Reasons why you should do email marketing for your business and how to do email marketing

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Table of Contents

There’s a lot of reason why you should go for email marketing and should know how to do email marketing. This function is very crucial to capture the business opportunity.

how to do email marketing

1. Importance of email subject line

Do you know that around 40% of the email recipients only open the email based on the subject? It is important to have a good email subject to secure your marketing emails opening rate.

2. How to do email marketing with social sharing buttons in email is very important.

You should make sure you have inserted social sharing buttons at the bottom of the email. This allows your audience to view the other posts much easier by clicking the social media buttons.

3. Key decision maker read email via mobile

Key decision maker mostly read their email via mobile. This is the reason to use leveraging software like Getresponse, Mailchimp, Aweber. This allows you to generate email templates which can send to multiple audiences with mobile responsive version.

4. Capture business

Most of your clients cannot remember your business by seeing your brand name for one time. As such, using email marketing will leave them a longer impression in mind. This allows your audience to think of your brand easily.

5. Easy search-ability

You email should contain a easy searchable format and specific keywords. You client can retrieve your email and business information much easier.

6. Automating your email

If you use automation with your email marketing, you can have your subscribers to receive routine emails. This way you can build a relationship with your subscribers frequently. And you can send out warm emails to them and ask them to buy your products in the future emails.

Email automation is not entirely simple. GetResponse, Mailchimp, Aweber and most of the email marketing company have their own way of configuring the automation easily. Example is settings of timeline with drag and drop process.

7. Customise your emails

You have to make sure you have customized your marketing email. This can allow you to increase the subscription rate tremendously. Sending customised emails does not mean sending out the recipient names only. You have to send them emails about their preference declared in the subscription process. An example is your clients interested in some particular product colors. Their preference should be indicated in your audience list. And send them their preferred products information through email. Research shows that this strategy increases sales dramatically. In WordPress, you can check out via Themeforest in Envato. And look for the visual composer for this particular purpose.

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